Cosmetic Bonding

Quick Fix for Minor Imperfections

  • No Enamel Removed
  • Simple Tooth Contouring
  • Minor Corrections
  • Straighten Uneven Edges
  • Single Visit

Cosmetic bonding is a process in which a composite resin is layered onto the teeth, cured with a harmless, high-intensity light, and then sculpted to the desired shape.

Early cosmetic dentistry used bonding resins to reshape and hide old discolored teeth - restorations that now involve more durable porcelain veneers.

But for minor cosmetic modifications and repairs, bonding resins are extremely strong and wear-resistant.

Bonding is used to reduce spaces between teeth, lengthen small teeth, or repair a tooth that’s worn or chipped. Nothing major - just tweaking around the edges.

The photos on the previous page show teeth that started out very rough and uneven. Bonding resin was simply added to the surface of the two front teeth to smooth them out. Bonding resin was also added to the teeth on either side to give them more length so the front teeth would not look so long and dominant. There was also a little gum shaping to dress up the overall look. It all took less than two hours. No enamel was removed and no drill was necessary.

Sometimes just a little tune-up is all that is needed.

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