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Your Teeth Need to be Properly Framed

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Often people think they have unattractive teeth when they may simply have an uneven gum line or too much gum tissue hiding nice teeth.

Nothing ruins a pretty smile like uneven or excessive gum around the teeth. The amount of money and effort that goes into nice dental/orthodontic work is all in vain if the gums don’t frame the teeth properly.

It is especially critical that the two front teeth appear identical. If not, no matter how stunning the face or smile, the observing eye will immediately pick it out and be distracted without knowing why.

  • Some common gum problems that detract from teeth are:
  • different gum heights
  • misshapen contours around the teeth
  • bulky or too much gum making the teeth look short

These problems are solved quickly and painlessly with a special laser. Gum tissue can be removed as easily as drawing with a pencil. The gum tissue is dissolved with no bleeding and healing time is very rapid.

It is truly amazing to see how a smile can come alive after the gums have been shaped and contoured.


This example shows 2 problems. The gum of the right tooth comes down too far causing the tooth to appear shorter than it really is. Also the gum line is not evenly curve-shaped.

In addition to gum reshaping, a porcelain Veneer was bonded to the tooth on the right and some Cosmetic Bonding was done on the left tooth.

Cosmetic dental work almost always requires some sort of gum contouring. Our office regularly includes this procedure as part of most treatments. It makes such a difference, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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