Rapid Full Mouth Restoration

The Miracle of 21st Century Dentistry

  • Every Tooth Crowned
  • Bite Corrected
  • Facial Structure Restored
  • Entire Smile Revitalized
  • In As Few As 2 Visits

Everything state-of-the-art dentistry has to offer comes together in this amazing procedure. Forget dentures. Now it’s easier than ever to have a completely perfect smile!

Rapid Full Mouth Restoration (RFMR) defines what 21st Century Dentistry has to offer. It is evidence of the progress dentistry has made over the last century.

Full mouth reconstruction used to mean extracting all the teeth and making dentures. Now because of improved dental hygiene, people are keeping their teeth longer, but they become worn down and discolored. Plus there may be a collection of mismatched dental work from years past. The bite probably has become misaligned causing TMJ/facial pain and neck tension, and the teeth no longer support the facial structure causing a tired, aged appearance.

Not only can RFMR correct all these problems, but you can pre-select the color, shape, size and arrangement of your soon-to-be perfect teeth and smile.

What makes RFMR possible is cutting-edge technology that establishes the natural and correct position of the jaw independent of the teeth. (Remember the teeth have worn down or were never right to begin with so it would be a mistake to use the existing teeth as a guide).

We use the newest, computer-assisted tracking and measuring device called the K7i to identify a client’s ideal bite. Once that is determined, tooth preparation can proceed swiftly and decisively in a single sitting.

Temporary crowns are worn for 4-6 weeks while the laboratory custom-creates the all-porcelain crowns that are seated and permanently bonded to the prepared teeth at the second visit.

According to Dr. Dalley and his staff, it’s not uncommon for a person’s entire personality to change once they have the smile they’ve always wanted. (Goto RFMR Testimonial)

Dr. Dalley is one of only 100 dentists in the world qualified to perform this ultimate dental challenge. He received specialized training for RFMR at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. (Goto Press Release)

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