Tooth Whitening

Four Methods to Choose From

  • Colorless Paint-On Coating
  • At-Home Tray Bleaching
  • Light-Activated System
  • Britesmile Laser Whitening

Depending on method used, your teeth can be up to 10 shades whiter quickly and painlessly.

We offer four types of tooth whitening (bleaching).

1) A colorless paint-on coating. This is applied twice per day for approximately two weeks. It comes in a bottle and is applied much like fingernail polish. It will lighten by 4 to 6 shades only on the applied teeth. It’s a handy touch up method for those who don’t have a lot of time to bleach at home or who don’t like the taste of the tray bleaches. The cost is $70.

2) At-home tray bleaching. We have a tray bleaching gel that is quite unique. Some tray bleaches have to be worn at least an hour and sometimes all night to be effective. Because our bleaching gel is mixed fresh in the office, it needs to be worn only 15 minutes at a time! This can be done up to 4 times per day whenever you have 15 minutes to spare - like in the shower or doing your hair. You can expect whitening of 4 to 6 shades over all the teeth. The cost is $300.

3) In-office light activated system. If you have clean teeth and healthy gums, you could be a candidate for ZOOM - the newest whitening method since lasers. Your teeth will lighten by a dramatic 6 to 10 shades in a single visit. The treatment takes just over an hour with little or no discomfort. The cost is $600. Click Here to see the ZOOM process.

4) Britesmile Laser Whitening. We were one of the first offices in Las Vegas to offer the original patented laser tooth whitening system. Actual lasers are used to activate the whitening process. Certain cases may require the Britesmile system rather than ZOOM and are evaluated on an individual basis. The cost is $1200.

  • Will bleaching hurt my teeth? No. When performed properly tooth bleaching does not hurt the teeth in any way. It is just like bleaching a white tee shirt. The bleach does not affect the cloth …only the stain. It is important to use bleaches that do not have an acidic ph level which can damage the outer layers of the tooth. There are acidic bleaches on the market, so be careful.
  • How long will the bleaching last? It is a permanent change and would last forever if you never ate or drank anything again. Your teeth will re-stain at whatever rate they stained before. This is dependent on the type and frequency of foods you eat. Coffee, tea, smoking, red wine, and blueberry pies are some of the types of things that will continue to stain teeth.
  • How do I get them white again? Once the initial stain has been removed retouching is easy because the deep pigments have been removed and only the superficial ones remain. These can be removed very rapidly at home with either home trays or the paint-on bleach. This is done however often you want or need to keep them clean looking. Generally 6 months to a year is sufficient.
  • Does bleaching hurt? Not at all if used as instructed. Some people can have a mild sensitivity if they use a tartar-control toothpaste. We recommend against tartar-control toothpastes for this very reason. Proper brushing is all you need to prevent.

Tetracycline Discoloration

Teeth that are discolored from tetracycline or excessive flouride are not good candidates for bleaching. These chemicals cause a banded or layered type of staining. The best that can be expected is simply an overall lightening of the bands of color.

Veneers are the best solution for these cases.

Whitening techniques will work for tetracycline staining only if the discoloration is mild. Home bleaching treatments are not strong enough. ZOOM is recommended.

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